An exciting delivery from the Queen!

On Thursday, 2KW were extremely excited to receive a special delivery from the Queen . . . 

 We received a beautiful card and letter from the Queen thanking us for the cards we sent to her for her 90th birthday! We were all so delighted to receive such a fantastic letter and Miss Whitcombe is going to get it displayed somewhere in school for everyone to enjoy!


Measuring Capacity! 

This week in Mathematics we have been learning about Capacity, which is the amount that a container holds. We began our learning journey by reading scales and finding out the units which we use to measure capacity (millilitres or litres). 

Today, we used our learning to make a Pirate Potion! We had to measure out quantities of Sunlight, Carribean Juice, Ocean Water, Fresh Water and Grog by looking carefully at which capacity we needed for each and looking carefully at our measuring jug scales.


Sports Day 2016! 

Last Thursday, Year 2 went to Beechcroft Sports Club for our Sports Day! We had so much fun participating in the different activities and working together in our teams. Congratulations to Red team who won the event and thank you to Mr Holland for organising such a fantastic afternoon!


Learning about famous Sea Explorers! 

As part of our Land Ahoy topic, today in our History lesson we have been learning about famous Sea Explorers. We enjoyed learning about the voyages of Marco Polo, Christopher Columbus, Sir Francis Drake, Captain Cook and Ellen MacArthur and the impact they have had on our understanding of the U.K. 

We then worked in our cooperative groups to create our own timeline and created interesting Factfiles about each explorer. Come and see our fantastic timelines on our class washing line!


Making Pirate Factfiles! 

As part of our Land Ahoy topic, we have been learning about famous pirates in our History lesson. First, we heard about the lives of Blackbeard, Black Bart and Anne Bonney. We then used information resources to create our own Factfiles about one of the Pirates. We made sure that we used the information to write our own sentences and we also thought carefully about the punctuation and types of sentences we used. 

Here are our finished Factfiles! 


A fantastic day celebrating the Queen’s 90th Birthday! 

We had a wonderful day on Friday celebrating the Queen’s 90th birthday! 


We spent the morning preparing for our fantastic Street Party on the Infant Playground. First, we made cucumber or jam sandwiches and prepared scones with jam and butter. Next, we created nameplates for our places at the party tables and made crowns and flags. We loved making and creating!
In the afternoon we finally got to celebrate the Queen’s 90th birthday and we had a marvellous Street Party with delicious food and sweet tea!

2KW would like to say thank you to Mrs O’Connor and all of the KS1 staff for a fantastic day of celebrations!